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#10 Choice Links for April


Lucha Libre Posters There is nothing that gets me more pumped about designing than some masked Mexican wrestlers running around in spandex. Just look at these poster designs, they are fantastic! If you are looking for intriguing visuals, fun uses of color, and some entertaining poster design just search “Lucha Libre Posters” on Flickr. Urge [...]

#9 Choice Links for March


Evening Tweed Four design students got together in 2006 and started this design collective. There is type that makes me drool dripping all over this site. They have nice taste… worth your time to check out. A Texas Designer’s Map of the World DJ Stout, a designer from Texas was asked to participate in illustrating [...]

#8 Choice Links for February


God is a Designer T-Shirt Yeah, I guess he is…. isn’t he? Once again , I love nerdy type tees… and this one gets you by being so obvious… you have to think twice. Things I have Learned in my Life So Far Stefan Sagmeister is a designer known for taking unusual risks in his [...]

#7 Choice Links for January


WebStock If flying to New Zealand wasn’t such a ridiculous way to spend my money on a web conference I would so be there. Luckily a few of the same speakers will be at South By Southwest. Beautifully designed site. Love the layers and typography. This Ain’t No Disco A Blog that features interior work [...]

#6 Choice Links for December


Rock Band Logos Blog Brand New a little too corporate for you? This blog discusses logos with a little more of an edge. Rock on. Pentagram There are a lot of definitions out there. Design jargon can get a little confusing. I like Pentagram’s definition of Interactive Design. The Bureau of Communication Need a little [...]

#5 Choice Links for November


Diana+ I don’t have a Diana Camera but it would kick-butt if I got one for Christmas (oops… is that another subtle hint?). I really dig this site for not only its great history of the camera and gallery of shots taken with it, but for it’s design. The overall look and feel of this [...]