The Big Day

It was a little over five years ago when I met Jim Jones. He was setting up his camera equipment to shoot an enormous trade-show booth in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that he had designed. He was wearing all black and looked exceedingly dapper, standing out from the majority of the conference attendees who were dressed in camouflage uniforms. I will spare you all of the ironic details, but it was clear after spending the weekend chatting with Mr Jones that he would be the designer I marry. That is not an exaggeration, I IMed my coworker from the conference with “I just met the guy I am going to marry”. Sometimes you just know.


Throughout our relationship we have made a lot of great friends. Many are designers or involved in the web industry, because… well.. that’s what we love! And that’s why Jim’s proposal at SXSW last year made so much sense. It was an amazing experience because we got to celebrate with lots of friends and practically the WHOLE INTERNET.

May 21st we are getting married in North Carolina. We chose Frisco, NC on Hatteras Island because it is a beautiful secluded location that we enjoy visiting to clear our minds and relax. More than two thirds of Hatteras Island is untouched National Park, which makes it one of the most unique beach getaways in the world.

We wanted to invite the WHOLE INTERNET, but we can’t afford catering for that many people. We really appreciate all the love and support that we have received so far, especially from our coworkers who all rock so hard.

Designing our wedding has been a lot of fun. The best and worst part about it is that we are our own clients. This has made it hard because we are our toughest critics but it has been fantastic because it gives us the freedom to evolve the brand of the wedding over a period of time. I am really excited about how the final day is shaping up and look forward to showing you what we created and how we got there.

I have been sort of half joking to friends and colleagues that we are going to live tweet the whole event from our @JimandSamantha twitter stream. Who knows if we will or won’t, I don’t want to get too caught up in having to think about the internet.. but I can assure you that we will keep those who are interested posted. Follow along if you would like!

Special thanks to Jim Darling for the AWESOME engagement photos that he took of Jim and I this past winter. Jim Darling is an amazing photographer and designer in the DC area who has an uncanny ability to capture the personality of his subjects. If you are looking for a photographer I can’t recommend him enough.


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