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Joining the Flock


On July 2nd I will be joining the flock at Twitter. For me Design is about people. Design is a vessel that communication travels through from person to person. It tells stories. It makes lives easier. It brings people together. Twitter is one of the most beautiful illustrations of how good design is about people. [...]

Ideas of March 2012


I like to blog about  design. The tricky thing about that is that it is hard to blog about design when you don’t feel great about the design of your blog. My “blog design complex” has been a big hurdle for me over the past year. It inhibits my blogging. Blogging is a critical piece [...]

The Big Day


It was a little over five years ago when I met Jim Jones. He was setting up his camera equipment to shoot an enormous trade-show booth in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that he had designed. He was wearing all black and looked exceedingly dapper, standing out from the majority of the conference attendees who were dressed [...]

Design for America: Design for People


For a little under 3 years I worked on the US Army’s web team. The entire experience could be pages of blog posts in itself, I learned a lot about design, the web, our government, our military, friendship, talent and about life. We were responsible for the design and maintenance of at the height [...]

Interesting Projects and Interesting Adventures


There are lots of new things I wanted to share with you all… New Work up and New Type Check out my “work” section to see a few new and not so new projects that are now featured. I completely revamped my work section to show larger site shots and to be less reliant on [...]

My Posters & The Posters that Influenced Them


My bedrooms were always plastered with the most badass posters in College & High School. Sure some of them glowed when the black lights were turned on, but many were beautifully crafted pieces of art. Like many folks going into the design field, I had lofty dreams of being a hip gig poster designer with [...]