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A Tale of Changing Career Paths & Pursuing Design


I get lots of e-mails and inquires from folks looking for advice on making a career change to the design industry.  Its tough for me to give any sort of advice, its a personal decision that depends on personal circumstances. Many of the students in my classes at CDIA-BU have made the decision to go [...]

Catch all, Catch up


Its lovely outside again, and as in past years the warm weather makes it harder to sit down to write blog posts. Never fear, its not that I don’t have blog posts, because they are here…in my head and in textedit… I just have to sit still long enough to type them up. So, I [...]

The Redesign, For Real


The new design is up, and what a relief! This design is the third iteration of, and I decided to take it in a whole new direction than the previous two. Inspired by a piece of paper I bought in the art store and all of the different snippets from my inspiration board, I [...]

SoCal: Typography, Surfboards, & Recharging


I had never visited  the West Coast so earlier this year Jim and I decided that this  was the year to do it. The week before last I took my first real vacation  that didn’t involve parents, my job, or the internet.  Southern California seemed to be a solid bet for good weather and good [...]

Inspiration: Design Faces


We are all sitting at our desks doing the same thing… we are all Designing. Who else out there can relate? What does their environment look like? Is anyone else going through the same exact thing I am right now? Alex Giron created a Design Faces pool on Flickr, and I have really enjoyed seeing [...]

Brand: Once you go Mac…


I grew up on Macs. I am a member of an all Apple family and currently live in all Mac Household. My first Mac was a Quadra 605 and I have never owned any sort of Windows machine. My family still holds on to a Flower Power (still running) in our attic. In 2002 I [...]