Catch all, Catch up

Its lovely outside again, and as in past years the warm weather makes it harder to sit down to write blog posts. Never fear, its not that I don’t have blog posts, because they are here…in my head and in textedit… I just have to sit still long enough to type them up.

So, I just wanted to catch you guys up personal and fun stuff, I tend to be spending less time blogging, but not necessarily less time doing designy things… they are just all over the place. If you follow me on twitter you probably see stuff I post pretty often, but they don’t all necessarily come together right here.

I just finished up another wonderful class of excited students at CDIA Boston University. I recently have been teaching Intro to the Design Program, this is both print and web design. The best thing about teaching this class are the fresh perspectives on design and the debates that ensue. In this class I try and talk about everything from how design effected our recent election to the London Olympics logo. As a designer you sometimes take for granted the things you do on a daily basis, but in a class of intro students you are reintroduced to the smallest details of the design industry, and reminded of how very special this profession is.  One day during this particular class a student asked me “where do you get fonts?” It took me a second to catch onto this one…. at first I was like “New and exciting fonts? well.. I read blogs…” and then it hit me “Oh, you mean foundries! Well… wow, there are so many there are….” and in that moment of explanation I rediscover the magic of all those wonderful foundries I love so much. A routine part of my daily lifestyle had become magic again as I got to share all the exciting sites and boutique foundries that I love so much.

Though I haven’t been very good about updating my blog recently, I had an article come out in issue 188 of .net magazine and I currently have a makeover redesign for the current issue of .net that is out in the UK right now (go get it!), and will be out in Practical Web Design Magazine (issue 191) in the US in about a month. I recently posted an article on “CSS Tips for Designer from Designers” with a lot of help from some wonderfully talented friends for the Art Directors Club of Washingtons DC’s Full Bleed Online Magazine ( subscribe to the RSS feed).

I am not the only one who has been busy lately. Some folks I know who have been moving and shaking include my partner and crime, Jim; who started a new gig at a fantastic studio in the DC area, The Orchid; who is playing some badass tunes all up in the DC area, Elliot; who has launched a new site, and my friend Keri (you will see her stuff in an upcoming post); who recently graduated from Art Institute Washington after taking the risk to go back to school to pursue her love of design.

When I am not doing any of that I have been hanging at the beach with my friends and family because the key to creativity is being able to decompress and live a life that inspires creativity. I hope you all find some time to do the same. More posts coming soon.

Also I thought I would share with you some of my more recent favorite tweets:

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