Exciting Times

It was just a few decades ago that we made friends differently. Our circles were built from relationships made within constraints. We were linked by those we already knew based on our family or our location or our careers. We were limited in how we could connect therefor we went without the joy of sharing interests or shaped those things to be more like those around us. We were a society of people faking our loves to fend off loneliness.

The web  has changed all of that, it has given us the freedom to find others like us.  To be passionate and connect with other people pursuing similar ambitions. Once where there were loners engulfed in solitude now there are communities, teams, and possés. No matter how trivial the fascination you can now find someone to share it with.

We are an empowered generation fueled by passion and camaraderie, confidence, and connection. The opportunities that we are able to create for ourselves is the new frontier.  What exciting times that we live in!


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