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Exciting Times


It was just a few decades ago that we made friends differently. Our circles were built from relationships made within constraints. We were linked by those we already knew based on our family or our location or our careers. We were limited in how we could connect therefor we went without the joy of sharing [...]



Michael Aleo recently wrote a post that stirred up some feelings that I have about AIGA. That is that AIGA is an organization that claims to represent professional designers but doesn’t really accurately represent the current landscape of the design industry. Michael’s post details an e-mail conversation he had with a judge from the DC [...]

Drupal & Design Thinking


I have been very fortunate to find and get involved with the web design community since attending SXSW in 2006, but more recently I have been meeting a lot of wonderful folks in the Drupal community. In 2009 I started working at Phase2 Technology, an Alexandria Virginia web agency that specializes in open source development [...]

Twitter is my Coffee Shop #1d4d


Every weekday morning and most weekend mornings I wake up, pour a cup of coffee, trip over a running cat, and sit down on my sofa to sip, read the news, and chat with my friends about what I read. Twitter is my coffee shop, a sacred place that I have been visiting since ’07 [...]

Can Twitter Make us More Compassionate?


Carly Medosch is a designer, long-time friend, and is one of the wittiest people I know. Not only was she enrolled in the JMU Graphic Design program with me, we were also dorm neighbors only living a few feet from each other. Carly has Crohn’s disease and since a recent newspaper featured her story, she [...]

9 Tips for Making the Transition from Print to Web Design


Read these books, keep them on your desk. Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML Don’t skim through this book, read it… cover to cover, and do every tutorial one at a time. The copy is terribly cheesy and the tutorials don’t have you building an entire site, but if you do each one in [...]