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Kiva: Empowering Entrepreneurs


I had heard of Kiva before… received invites via e-mails and read blog posts, but it wasn’t until I saw this Pod aired on Current that I decided to participate. After jumping in and choosing an entrepreneur to lend to, I really got hooked. The site is clean, friendly and very usable. So far, the [...]

Evolving Design in Politics: The Brand of Obama


A while back I had a super-secret brief encounter with kind-of sort-of working on a presidential web campaign. While I can’t say much about the experience it made me realize how completely out of the loop politicians are on web, design, brand, and social media. That is all but Senator Barack Obama. This post is [...]

Discussing The Brand of a Browser


I attended a fantastic presentation by Steven Heller hosted by the Art Directors Club of Metro Washington DC on Friday night and he explained that Brand is a fetish… it is when people don’t just identify with something but embrace it. This concept fascinates me especially when it falls in the realm of an a-typical [...]

Rant: Web 2.0 Look? Lets Talk About “Good Design”


From Twitter: mringlein: my new years resolution is stop designing web 2.0 … i am all about the 2.5 this year. vintage wallpaper backgrounds and real life objects mringlein: gradients and reflections are out …. the masking tape and handwriting fonts are in baby! SamanthaToy: @mringlein was doing that stuff since forums were the [...]

No Typhoid on the Thule Trail


You can still press return to size up the situation , but dying of cholera is much less likely. One of your players may stay behind in Vegas with a cocktail waitress named Starla but no one is going to come down with a case of the measles. Covered wagon? Try a hybrid sedan with [...]

Response: Should Web Designers Know How to Code?


Martin Ringlein of n’clud recently wrote a post called “Should Web Designers Know How to Code?”: All designers must know the medium and canvas in which they design for. How can a sculptor sculpt without knowing the difference in stones? How can a painter paint without knowing the difference in brushes, paint or canvas? How [...]