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Digital vs. Print: Newspapers


Thursday evening a few colleagues and I visited the interactive offices of the With super impressive digs the folks over in their Arlington offices are doing some multidimensional work that ventures far beyond the expectations one would have for a local news paper. When taking a look at the Top 20 Online Current Events [...]

Interactive Information Design and Social Media


I have a bit of a fetish for awesome information design and it gets nearly compulsive when it becomes a reacting entity on the world wide web. The idea that massive amounts of information, many times being ever-changing and dynamic can be molded into a visual form, manipulated, and sifted through is all sorts of [...] User-Generated Television Content Part 1 of 2


After sharing a Digg article titled “Internet addiction more serious than OCD” a few of my colleagues joked that this article described my behavior. I would not say my addiction is as much to the internet as it is to user-generated content. I don’t mean the videos of sons hitting their fathers in the crotch [...]

Becoming Internet Famous


Some people see the internet as a means to set up shop and make money. Other people post to MySpace and make friends they don’t know in an effort to become internet famous. Whichever you prefer, it doesn’t happen over night… or does it? My friend Keith posted this photo to Digg at roughly 10 [...]

World Wide Web Monopoly


One of my family’s favorite activities when I was a kid was playing the board game Monopoly. Like an episode of Gilligan’s Island, we always began to play optimistically in complete denial of how the tale was scripted to end. By the end of the game my father usually bought up half the board, loaded [...]

The Art of Google Searching


There are different levels of expertise when it comes to the Google Search. The E-creeper. This is the uber- advanced Googler who can find your X-girlfriends Wedding Photos and tell you the current street address of your third grade teacher. They usually are savvy enough to know how to track the IPs of those who [...]