The Art of Google Searching

There are different levels of expertise when it comes to the Google Search.

The E-creeper. This is the uber- advanced Googler who can find your X-girlfriends Wedding Photos and tell you the current street address of your third grade teacher. They usually are savvy enough to know how to track the IPs of those who come to their myspace account, so dare not to outsmart them. While this sounds like a sketchy MO, its good to know an E-creeper in desperate situations. Never date one, they have the possibility of making your life sheer hell.


Advanced Searcher. Track down a photo? Find that campaign mentioned in a blog? No problem for this smart search engine explorer. Finding relevant information is what this person excels at… using quotation marks and search engine commands when seeking answers. They have a solid awareness of how the web works and often can take control of their own destiny by using search engine optimization on their personal web ventures.

Basic Finder. These people are thinking big and getting big unfiltered results. Like using an atomic weapon to solve a rat problem, you are going to find what you searched for but hit everything else in the process. Most people fit here, using google as a tool, but really having no idea the magnitude of power they can leverage from its enormous capabilities.

You can Google that? These people are completely oblivious to the fact that a search engine can provide many of the answers to life’s mysteries. Sure they use the internet, but they would never consider leveraging its power. The ignorant and lazy often fall into this category, not realizing they can get the answers all on their own. It frightens the crap out of me how many people I encounter who are on this level.

So why does it matter what category you fit in. You may not even know what you don’t know, and that is exceptionally dangerous. As a designer, developer, internet professional, or human being it is your duty to become involved in the world of interactive media. There sits this fantastically wide ocean of pure knowledge. It is littered with static, garbage, and porn, but when you are capable of diving in and pulling out that gem of information you will become that much smarter than you were before. Search engines are your guide. Get to know your guide on a more personal level and they will show you where all the locals hang out. The Locals always know where the best Fish tacos are. And what is a successful trip to the sea of knowledge without some good-ass fish tacos?

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