User-Generated Television Content Part 1 of 2

After sharing a Digg article titled “Internet addiction more serious than OCD” a few of my colleagues joked that this article described my behavior. I would not say my addiction is as much to the internet as it is to user-generated content. I don’t mean the videos of sons hitting their fathers in the crotch with wiffle-ball bats that you find on youTube… I am addicted to relevant, informative, fresh user-generated content anywhere I can find it. I HAVE to have it. Which is why I recently called my cable provider and insisted they funnel to my new apartment.

On the coat-tales of a lively BarcampDC discussion Justin Thorp tagged me to drop my commentary on my favorite online TV shows. Hence my proclamation of adoration for My favorite online shows aren’t shows at all, they are “pods” and they can be watched on Alexandria Channel 107 as well as online. is truly interactive in the sense that you can vote, submit and comment on the video online and a percentage of that content surfaces to the cable network programming. One of my favorite aspects of this station/ website is that the viewers create 30 % of the on -air television content, and a percentage of the sponsored advertisements. Segments are called “pods” which vary in subject-matter but are much shorter than the traditional “episode”. The pods are on shuffle, similar to that of an ipod, so the viewer has a fresh lineup any day of the week. You can submit your own “pod” and with the incentive of fame and monetary compensation.

Why I love up so hard on

Pods are short and sweet, none of that “coming up in a few minutes” bullshit that eats up more time than the actual content. If you don’t like what is happening during this pod, another will be featured shortly.
Check out: Thank You

If something is aired that peaks my interest I can find more information online to continue my journey in learning.
Check out: Bustin’ Boards

User generated content draws from a much larger pool of interest, exposing me to topics I never thought I would learn about or even be exposed to.
Check out: Baptism by Razor

Pods are often a labor of love. Those creating them are passionate about capturing genuine points of view on subject matters that mean something to them. This level of devotion to a finished piece is refreshing.
Check out: Turning on Haiti

Again, drawing from a thick stew of user generated content allows for perspectives that don’t often get featured on the NBC nightly news. sponsored journalist are often encouraged to reach out and cover stories neglected by the mass media.
Check out: Syria 101

A station with their fingers on the pulse of the internet surfaces content that matters when it matters. current.tvoften features stories that have strong roots on the web but get overlooked by mainstream media
Check out: Three Days in North Korea

As I said earlier, I am addicted to information, and this station has more than its fair share. You can turn it on any time of day and learn something fantastic. While you may get a few repeats from time to time, the short, shuffle format.
Check out: InfoMania

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