BarcampDC Follow-up Topic: Emotional Design and the User Experience

While in the User Experience discussion my ongoing experience with my ex VW Beetle came up. Is the overall brand experience a part of the user experience?

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So this bridges the discussion at BarCampDC with a book I am reading (Interaction Design by Dan Saffer) with a convo I had with Cindy about her Beetle at BarcampDC…

Dan Saffer on emotional design:

“What would the Volkswagen Beetle be without whimsy?”

My answer: a piece of shit car.

While talking with Cindy at Barcamp she confessed that if her car died (knock on wood) she would be at odds to what new car to consider. I faced this same problem when mine died… forced myself to listen to logic and just bought the first Honda I test drove. If its not a beetle, it doesn’t really matter what kind of car it is as long as it doesn’t fall apart.

I cried that day.

The overwhelmingly positive emotional response a Beetle owner has can actually outweigh the negative fact that the car physically is a turd. A Beetle can have the windows fall out, the locks pop out of the door, the dashboard peel off and the owner still longs to buy another.

Every morning since the loss of my Beetle I walk out of my apartment and am disappointed not to see my car smiling back at me. Emotional design can be a heavy contributor to User Experience.

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