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Interesting Projects and Interesting Adventures


There are lots of new things I wanted to share with you all… New Work up and New Type Check out my “work” section to see a few new and not so new projects that are now featured. I completely revamped my work section to show larger site shots and to be less reliant on [...]

Why You Should Step Up


I participate in several organizations and attend many industry events that work to foster creativity and innovation within the design and web communities and time after time people will feel like its OK to complain about the performance of these organizations. I firmly believe that constructive criticism helps to improve anything, whether it be a [...]

Webucation: What I learned at Barcamp DC


This past Saturday I attended my second Barcamp DC. If you are not familiar with what barcamp is you can read what I have written about it in the past here and here. This year the talk that really caught my attention was that of Jeff Brown’s, a teacher at Damascus High School in Montgomery [...]

I {Heart} Art-O-Matic 2008


Art-O-Matic is by far my favorite local DC event. Now, an annual event, this gathering of creatives takes place in an uninhabited building that has been donated so that artists of all kinds can take it over for about a month. The experience is unique in the wide range of art forms and mediums represented, [...]

SXSW Interactive is Coming Up!


In the 6th Grade the big field trip was to the Science Museum of Virginia for an overnight sleepover. At the age of 12 this is a big deal, and every kid anticipated it for months in advance. Each class got divided in groups by gender and the girls got to sleep in one wing [...]

Lets Talk About Web Design


There is web stuff happening all over this darn town. Everywhere I turn there are things going on, happy hours to be had, talks being given… and oh the networking. A few weeks ago it snowed here. If you have ever been in DC when it snows you know its like the world is about [...]