SXSW Interactive is Coming Up!

In the 6th Grade the big field trip was to the Science Museum of Virginia for an overnight sleepover. At the age of 12 this is a big deal, and every kid anticipated it for months inSXSW Interactive Badge advance. Each class got divided in groups by gender and the girls got to sleep in one wing of the museum and the boys in the other, and despite the fact that we were there to learn about science the real goal at that age was to compile all your super-cool magazines and makeup to share with the other girls and talk about kissing and boys and trendy stuff. As my group hunkered down with flashlights and started pulling out their crackly issues of “Seventeen” and “Teen” magazines I reached deep in my bag and pulled out my issues of “Macworld” and “MacAddict” to a snickering audience of pre-teens. There seemed to be disconnect and I honestly did not understand why no one was as super-stoked as me. It was like the beginning the Blind Melon Video with the little Bumble Bee Girl tap dancing… which came out in 1993, the same year I went to the Science Museum.

This year will be my third SXSW Interactive in Austin Texas. If you are not familiar with SXSWi it:

celebrates the creativity and passion behind the coolest new media technologies. In addition to panel sessions that cover everything from web design to bootstrapping to social networks, attendees make new business connections at the three-day Trade Show & Exhibition.

If you want the equally accurate Ze Frank Version of what it is…

Patrick Haney points out on his latest post that Cindy Li likes to call it “geek spring break” but I feel like its a little like Web Disneyworld. People are always so enthusiastic when they say “I’m going to Disneyworld!”. Well, take that tone of voice and sparkle in their eye and picture me saying “Im going to South By South West!”. Yeah… thats about right.

So why do I get so excited? In addition to all the reasons that I was excited last year…. when I walk into the convention center in Austin its a lot like that little girl busting through the iron fence and dancing with all the other Bees. Seriously, you can tap anyone on the shoulder there and they will be interesting, engaging and passionate… and/or Bad-Ass.
Between now and March 7th the anticipation is only going to build. I can hardly wait… expect more SXSW themed posts. I can hardly contain myself.


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