Valentines Day Geekery “Wii Belong Together”

For Christmas I wanted a Wii. I constantly hinted it to Jim and tweeted about it every chance I had. I am actually not a big video game person… I never could beat super Mario Brothers and only loved Duck Hunt because the ducks made funny little expressions when I killed them. Last summer Jim and I went to a friends house to play and I was hooked on the WiWii Mii Boxingi. I still can’t win any of the games, but I enjoy the interaction… and especially making the Miis.

Jim managed to surprise me with a Wii on Christmas despite the grim televised reports that depicted thousands of sad Wii-wanters being turned away from Best Buys across the country. Wii is the bomb-diggity… I can not say it enough… I have made miis for my whole family and posted pics to flickr of bowling and boxing.
So when my friend Carly sent a link to this…

Chocolate Wii Miis

I jumped right on it.

I have been waiting for Valentines day to reveal my amorous surprise. With anticipation and excitement I watched Jim tear into the Wii box of Love to find…
two girl Wii Miis!

wii Belong together

Thats not what I planned!
It was suppose to romantically symbolize my passionate devotion. Boy meets geek girl. A love story that could launch a thousand ships. But no…2 girls. Bummer. Its all my bad, seems I all Rick-Santorem-style forgot a couple could be something other than a man and woman and missed that section of the form.

I think these little Chocolate Miis are a Bad Ass Idea… and if you would like to learn more about them and their creator please check out Paul Papes Nouget page.
Please, someone I know get married and have one of his custom Wii Mii Wedding Toppers made.

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