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Exciting Times


It was just a few decades ago that we made friends differently. Our circles were built from relationships made within constraints. We were linked by those we already knew based on our family or our location or our careers. We were limited in how we could connect therefor we went without the joy of sharing [...]

Ideas of March 2012


I like to blog about  design. The tricky thing about that is that it is hard to blog about design when you don’t feel great about the design of your blog. My “blog design complex” has been a big hurdle for me over the past year. It inhibits my blogging. Blogging is a critical piece [...]

Ideas of March


Chris Shiflett recently wrote a post in hopes of reviving the web industry’s blogging habits. I am taking this as my kick in the pants to finally post something. You see, I have written many articles since my last post. The problem is, I always feel like I should give some sort of explanation to [...]

Kitsch, The Perception of Beauty, & Web Design


Do you ever browse the web and find a hideous website featured in a web design gallery? I regularly ponder society’s perception of “Good Design” and what people consider beautiful, and it brings me back to my studies from college. If only I knew at the time that philosophy and postmodern minimalism would come back [...]

All You Need Is Love


I just wanted to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. Heart by Yulia Brodskaya

Recent Design Inspiration Finds


Just thought I would share a few snippets of design inspiration from my Ember account. Sleek, simple, geometric clocks that I want in my house found via The Mid-Century Modernist.