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Rooms Inspired by Websites


Moving is a bitch, but the upside is picking out new home-furnishings and decorating. A few months ago I wrote a post on another blog about how bubble chairs helped to inspire a web design I worked on for a Scandinavian hotel Chain. As I have been scouring the internet for fun new home furnishings, [...]

Eye Candy & Tweets


Some people collect coins or stamps or cats… I collect snippets of things that interest me on internet. Here are a few recent favorites from my Ember Account and my Twitter favorites. Janes Addiction poster by Matt Goldman. See more of his stuff here.

Illustrators & Designers who’s Work Rocks


Between¬†tweeting, obsessively feed reading, and collecting inspiration (check out my Ember Account, formerly Little Snapper) I come across designer’s who’s work just makes me drool. Here is a compilation of a few I thought you should know about, if you didn’t already.

A Tale of Changing Career Paths & Pursuing Design


I get lots of e-mails and inquires from folks looking for advice on making a career change to the design industry.  Its tough for me to give any sort of advice, its a personal decision that depends on personal circumstances. Many of the students in my classes at CDIA-BU have made the decision to go [...]

LittleSnapper For Inspiration


While I may not have had the time to post to my blog lately ( the weather has been super lovely), I have been doing a much better job of keeping a collection of what inspires me.

The Redesign, For Real


The new design is up, and what a relief! This design is the third iteration of, and I decided to take it in a whole new direction than the previous two. Inspired by a piece of paper I bought in the art store and all of the different snippets from my inspiration board, I [...]