Eye Candy & Tweets

Some people collect coins or stamps or cats… I collect snippets of things that interest me on internet. Here are a few recent favorites from my Ember Account and my Twitter favorites.

Janes Addiction poster by Matt Goldman. See more of his stuff here.

Remember blogs? I had one. I abandoned it long ago. Long enough that you could say I’m some sort of visionary. Me. Knower of things.

From the portfolio of  Steve Younger, check out his iphone wallpapers.

If you are going to send me a logo that is a 72dpi Illustrator EPS, please also send your address because I AM COMING OVER TO SMACK YOU.

American Sign Language Matchbooks from the portfolio of JK Keller: artist , designer and obsessive-compulsive from New York City.

OH: ‘What happened to Adobe; it’s like pirates, they were cool, they had parrots and wooden legs. Now they’re machine gun toting bastards.’

A beautiful gig poster by Joanna Wecht.

Pretending you are into typography is the new pretending you were into hardcore.

Hand-lettered header from The Camel in Richmond Virginia. I have never been to The Camel, but it sounds pretty badass: a space for music, art, poetry, video, political forums, and conversation-anything that brings people together in the spirit of a free flow of ideas.

Don’t let your personal bias effect the design process. Listen. React. Solve.


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