Illustrators & Designers who’s Work Rocks

Between tweeting, obsessively feed reading, and collecting inspiration (check out my Ember Account, formerly Little Snapper) I come across designer’s who’s work just makes me drool. Here is a compilation of a few I thought you should know about, if you didn’t already.

Katie Kirk
Kaite’s work has a fantastical upbeat attitude. Featuring interesting patterns and geometric shapes her work just makes me happy. Check her out at Eight Hour Day and on flickr.


Agnieszka Gasparska
I first fell in love with Kiss Me Im Polish when I saw their website, but I got even more excited when I saw they designed Check out this recent interview with Agnieszka.

Simon Cook
Cookie has a unique, playful style that combines fun illustration, texture and interesting typography. Check out Cookie’s FFFFound for inspirational snippets.

Jennifer Daniel
What I love about Jennifer’s work is that it’s funny and conceptual. Hit “cornify” in the left column of her website. Hit it again… now about 20 more times. Oh, I can do that all day. Follow her on twitter for tons more fun.

Si Scott
Si’s organic flowing shapes and letterfoms have become his unique signature. His work ins unique and inspirational, but watching him work is breathtaking. Check out Si’s work and videos on the Behance network.


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