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Michael Aleo recently wrote a post that stirred up some feelings that I have about AIGA. That is that AIGA is an organization that claims to represent professional designers but doesn’t really accurately represent the current landscape of the design industry. Michael’s post details an e-mail conversation he had with a judge from the DC [...]

Anthropomorphic Form in Web Design


“Close your eyes and feel their presence; channel their emotions” is how my figure drawing instructor would kick off many mornings of our 3.5 hour long studio session. It took me several semesters of softly shading tummy pooches and abstracting rounded shoulders to learn that the most engaging depictions of the human form weren’t clear [...]

Drupal & Design Thinking


I have been very fortunate to find and get involved with the web design community since attending SXSW in 2006, but more recently I have been meeting a lot of wonderful folks in the Drupal community. In 2009 I started working at Phase2 Technology, an Alexandria Virginia web agency that specializes in open source development [...]

How To Conduct a Comprehensive Website Critique


This article was originally published May 2009 in issue 188 of .Net Magazine. Check out .Net Magazine online. Giving clear, appropriate website critiques helps you communicate with clients and colleagues, but there’s another benefit: the process of analyzing design helps you grow as a designer. While it is easy to jump straight to a conclusion [...]

Style Tiles as a Web Design Process Tool


A few years ago, Jim and I attended an open house at an architecture and interior design studio near our home in Alexandria, Virginia. We wanted to get some design inspiration for our new place, and the owner (who happened to be Jim’s cousin) encouraged us to check out their space. So, we did. [Update: [...]

Design for America: Design for People


For a little under 3 years I worked on the US Army’s web team. The entire experience could be pages of blog posts in itself, I learned a lot about design, the web, our government, our military, friendship, talent and about life. We were responsible for the design and maintenance of at the height [...]