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Kitsch, The Perception of Beauty, & Web Design


Do you ever browse the web and find a hideous website featured in a web design gallery? I regularly ponder society’s perception of “Good Design” and what people consider beautiful, and it brings me back to my studies from college. If only I knew at the time that philosophy and postmodern minimalism would come back [...]

Get Stoked On Web Typography Wrap Up


I had a wonderful time at SXSW this year and met tons of fantastic folks who came out to my presentation. Thanks to everyone who was there, I had a blast and I hope you all did too! Get Stoked on Web Typography SXSW 2010 Click here to listen to the Podcast as you check [...]

Web Design in Photoshop or the Browser: A Polarizing Topic


I once worked for a guy who constantly moaned that using a computer would never be as good as paste-up for layout. As ridiculous as his attitude sounded to me, it worked for him. I learned how to assemble my first graphic compositions natively in Photoshop and inDesign while he was seasoned in the art [...]

Rooms Inspired by Websites


Moving is a bitch, but the upside is picking out new home-furnishings and decorating. A few months ago I wrote a post on another blog about how bubble chairs helped to inspire a web design I worked on for a Scandinavian hotel Chain. As I have been scouring the internet for fun new home furnishings, [...]

Illustrators & Designers who’s Work Rocks


Between tweeting, obsessively feed reading, and collecting inspiration (check out my Ember Account, formerly Little Snapper) I come across designer’s who’s work just makes me drool. Here is a compilation of a few I thought you should know about, if you didn’t already.

SXSW 2009 Wrap Up


This year’s SXSW was a very special experience for me. Many people have blogged about the fact that the “people” are really what makes this conference unique, but this year I didn’t just feel like I left with new networking connections, I felt like I left with friends. Along with the strong the DC community [...]