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The Redesign, For Real


The new design is up, and what a relief! This design is the third iteration of, and I decided to take it in a whole new direction than the previous two. Inspired by a piece of paper I bought in the art store and all of the different snippets from my inspiration board, I [...]

Typography is the Foundation of Web Design


When I was in college my typography teacher was trying to explain to me how I should beef up some Univers in a project. After unsuccessfully  dictating to me instructions over my shoulder she asked if she could sit down and use my mouse. With a few simple clicks she demonstrated to me how to [...]

9 Tips for Making the Transition from Print to Web Design


Read these books, keep them on your desk. Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML Don’t skim through this book, read it… cover to cover, and do every tutorial one at a time. The copy is terribly cheesy and the tutorials don’t have you building an entire site, but if you do each one in [...]

Question: Web Design History?


I am currently teaching introduction to graphic design at CDIA Boston University. The class is an exploration of basic design fundamentals reinforced by corresponding examples of revolutionary works of Design. It also happens to be the first class in an  extensive design program, so it is very important to expose the students to a wide [...]

Getting Web Design Schooled


Designers have lots of different kinds of styles. Im not a designer who puts on headphones and is content to zone out over a photoshop doc for hours. I am one of those designers who thrives on constant human interaction and feeds off verbal bursts of passionate brainstorming. I LOVE people. I LOVE people who [...]

The Evolution of the International Typographic Style: From Print to Web


The popularity of generated content and social media is transforming the web. No longer does a site need a flashy intro or exciting graphics to entice a user to dig deeper, search engines and smart architecture bring the user right to what they are seeking, and when they find that… they want to appreciate it [...]