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The Future of the Creative Industry


Last Wednesday I visited the graduating Design Students at my alma mater James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I really enjoyed my visit, the students were inquisitive and (judging by the work displayed in the hallways) very talented typographers and creative thinkers. The conversation raised many interesting questions and started some engaging conversation. Since I [...]

How Many Pieces of Work Should you Include in your Web Portfolio?


It’s hard to decide on how many pieces to showcase in your web portfolio. As a designer I know there are lots of factors that go into choosing the work you decide to display… versatility, creativity, exciting clients, recent challenges, technical capabilities, and experience. While I had been advised in the print world to limit [...]

Lets Talk About Web Design


There is web stuff happening all over this darn town. Everywhere I turn there are things going on, happy hours to be had, talks being given… and oh the networking. A few weeks ago it snowed here. If you have ever been in DC when it snows you know its like the world is about [...]

Vigorous; Thrive, Flourish, Be Active, Be Effective


Viget Labs is a web development and consulting firm who can boast a well known web app such as Squidoo in their projects section. They have four “labs”: strategic consulting, application development, online marketing, and interactive design. A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours in their very impressive Falls Church office, peaking [...]

Inspiration: The Only Ten I See


When I was in college I heard a lot of cheesy pick up lines, but I had one friend who was the king of them. He insisted the money line was “Excuse me are you from Tennessee? No? Well… you are the only Ten I see“. He really did use that line and it really [...]

At First You Don’t Succeed…


This month marks my one year blog-iversary. When my blog first launched it did not look like this at all. I have actually had a lot of websites; none of which are at the domain No, rather a super-classy 1992 styled “Under Construction” warning has taken up a permanent residence on that page. It [...]