The Redesign, For Real

The new design is up, and what a relief! This design is the third iteration of, and I decided to take it in a whole new direction than the previous two. Inspired by a piece of paper I bought in the art store and all of the different snippets from my inspiration board, I went for a handmade, typographic, printed feel. This design reflects who I am and the style that I fancy. I love site redesign launches because its so much fun writing posts about process, but this site’s process was anything but usual because I was the client.


A little bit about the design

The texture in the background was scanned in and modified from a sheet of Strathmore paper that came in a pack of paper trading cards.

Paper texture

The Typeface used in the header is a modified version of Alejandro Paul’s Burgues Script complimented by Zuzana Licko’s Mrs. Eaves, and the flourish was a fresh find from istock photo that I heavily modified.

flourish from istock

I decided to continue using Mrs Eaves in this design because the imperfections in the letter forms makes digital type look as if it was printed on a press. Mrs Eaves also has a great  story, typefaces with great stories are the best kind. Burgess Script also has a fantastic story (Which I talk about in this post), but it is also one of most entertaining typefaces I have ever worked with. With endless swashes, ligatures and alternates, I opened my glyphs pallet and a whole weekend got away from me.

Burguess Glyphs in Illustrator

Before arriving at any of these ideas I had done tons of simple comps and inspiration boards that got rejected, but there was one logo-mark that really stuck with me but did not work well in the overall composition. Inspired by Janis Joplin’s tattoo, I used Astype Ornaments Accolades B to come up with this mark. Though this design didn’t end up in the final product it went on to inspire many of the other small details you see throughout the site.


I plan on writing a future post giving you insight into some of the other decisions I made during the design and build-out process, especially the decision to use WordPress instead of Expression Engine for this implementation. I look forward to hearing what you guys think, please be constructive if you have suggestions. I will probably keep tweaking some things. If you see any little bugs or problems please reach out to me via my contact form and let me know what browser you are using. Thanks.


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