The Spellbinding Scripts of Alejandro Paul

As I mentioned before, I am currently working feverishly to try and get the redesign of this site up and running.  After hundreds of font explorations, more than 60 comps, and countless hours of me incoherently nudging Jim at 1am pleading for advice I have made up my mind on a final(ish) homepage. I want to share with you one of the treasures that I discovered during this laborious process.

I did some pretty in-depth typeface research this time around. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but I knew that once I saw the Alejandro Paul's Burgues Script Tatooed on someoneright  “badass font” I would know it. On my monumental quest  I began to connect a few dots, realizing a common thread between many of favorite script  typefaces… they are designed by Alejandro Paul. Who is Alejandro? He is one of the most badass typeface designers in the world.

Ask any designer what their favorite Script is and their answer may be accompanied by a sigh… because when it comes to the classic type classification, there just aren’t a lot of good one’s to choose from. Stodgy and tired, many of the most accessible scripts have been beaten to death. Edwardian? Put that old man to rest because there are sexy new scripts in town.

With passionate swashes and striking swoops Alejandro’s typefaces are made for the digital age, looking as fantastic on the screen as they do in print. Many of his works have a story, a personality that makes them leap off  the layout, demand that you to dance, and then leaves you begging for more.

Browse Veer’s Umbrella collection and you will find that many of the most exquisite specimens belong to Alejandro, surf the web and you will find that some of the best web designs feature his work. One of his most popular fonts, Candy Script, can be seen on signage and displays all over and Carsonified , a well known web agency, uses it in their logo (check their rebranding process and Candy Script font explorations). Over the holidays I went bonkers with spotting Feel Script in holiday ads on TV and in newspapers. Ministry Script is selectively featured on one of my favorite site design’s, Made in England By Gentleman and the very majestic Burgues Script recently won the prestigious Type Directors Club certificate of excellence.

Feel Script

Buffet Script was the first to catch my eye. I resisted its purchase for as long as I could possibly hold out, but when I finally gave in… it consumed my free time for days. The alternates and ligatures are just so fantastic.  Just about any word  can be transformed into a beautiful piece of art using these wonderfully styled glyphs. The only problem with this typeface is a personal one… I love it so much, I can not decide where I want to ever use it, and to this day have only managed to use it only on this desktop wallpaper.

In an interview by  Andy Polaine for Desktop Magazine Alejandro says

I love the idea of a font surprising its user. With Affair the surprises I made were mostly ligatures, tons of them. With Burgues, the surprises had more to do with ornamentation, where a letter, or a combination of letters, would flare itself into different strange and beautiful calligraphic shapes.”

Burgues may be my new favorite Alejandro Paul typeface. The flourishes are breathtaking, I can loose myself in this script for hours.  According to the user guide this script is

…an ode to the late 19th century American calligrapher Louis  Madarasz, whose legend-ary pen movements have inspired schools of penmanship for over 100 years now, and whose talent has inspired some people to call him “the most skillful penman the world has ever known”

Burgues Script

Though Burgues is my favorite for now it may not be long before his next creation sweeps me off my feet. A see a sneak preview of Semilla on his flickr feed has me all tween-age girl giddy over that new freaking typeface, describing its ligatures my voice starts to get high and my hands start to tremble. Yes, it is that awesome, no I may not be OK.

Some great links to check out:

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