New Site Design: Influence & Inspiration

I like to write about what is currently going on in my life, and since my free time the last week has been spent on building-out the new version of this site’s design… I’m getting antsy. Growing up my mom had a hard time keeping me from peaking at my Christmas presents and… gosh help me… I have a hard time keeping surprise parties a secret from my friends. So to satisfy this urge to blow it all early.. I decided to give you all a sneak peak on my influences and inspirations me when working on the new design… without actually showing you the design.

Thinking personal website redesign is a daunting task…”Should it reflect who I am? Should it be conceptual? Maybe it should just reflect what styles I like?  Wait… who the hell am I? What DO I like?” If you have ever faced the challenge of your own personal site redesign you know… it can make you go absolutely INSANE.

So this time around I focused on  design styles I admire and typography, since it is what I talk about most on this blog. I tried to marry  the elements that I love about print design with the elements that work beautifully on the web. To give you a sneak peak I retroactively went back through all my bookmarks and paper samples and clippings to put together an inspiration board.

Click the thumbnail to see it larger:

Inspiration Board


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