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My Posters & The Posters that Influenced Them


My bedrooms were always plastered with the most badass posters in College & High School. Sure some of them glowed when the black lights were turned on, but many were beautifully crafted pieces of art. Like many folks going into the design field, I had lofty dreams of being a hip gig poster designer with [...]

New Site Design: Influence & Inspiration


I like to write about what is currently going on in my life, and since my free time the last week has been spent on building-out the new version of this site’s design… I’m getting antsy. Growing up my mom had a hard time keeping me from peaking at my Christmas presents and… gosh help [...]

Response: Should Web Designers Know How to Code?


Martin Ringlein of n’clud recently wrote a post called “Should Web Designers Know How to Code?”: All designers must know the medium and canvas in which they design for. How can a sculptor sculpt without knowing the difference in stones? How can a painter paint without knowing the difference in brushes, paint or canvas? How [...]

Lovin’ me some FeedBurner


If you subscribed to my feed before Monday August 6, 2007 it would be super awesome of you to please update your feed. You see, I am just now getting around to the vast wonderment of feedburner.

Bad Code <br> Out


Reworking a website is never my favorite task. Its always more fun to start a site from scratch writing the HTML super clean. A few times I have been given the task to rework other’s sites. If you write any HTML you will know that everyone has their own style. This usually causes me to [...]