Inspiration: I met the Walrus

Since I have been light over the holidays with posts I thought I would share with you guys a fantastic short animated film. Right now it is airing on which is where my friend Keith saw it when he passed it along to me, but after a little bit of investigation I found that it has won numerous awards and was even an academy award nominee. I found the piece to be very inspiring.

In 1969 Jerry Levitan was 14 and an enormous Beatles fan, so much that he went looking for Mr Lennon himself… knocking on every door in the hotel he thought to be housing the Beatle. When Jerry finally found the room, John was kind enough to let the 14 year old stay and even conduct his own interview.

Years later Jerry Levitan breathes a whole new life into that short conversation with the help of Josh Raskin, director and animator. The delightful timeless wisdom of John Lennon is complimented by charming drawings and illustrations  by Alex Kurina and James Braithwaite. I found this film so engaging I watched it over and over, what a wonderful way to breath a magical second life into a simple simple reel- to -reel tape recording!


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