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Gifts for Designers ‘08 Edition


Get the Designer in your life something they will LOVE. Uppercase Scarf Wallets made of Artsy Photographs by DB clay Univers & Helvetica Ts Beautiful Typography Calender (via heartfish) Pantone Bags, Mugs & Wallets Freitag Bags (via Doug Avery) Pillows with Typography Frank Chimero Inspirational Design Posters The Store has been down for a few [...]

9 Tips for Making the Transition from Print to Web Design


Read these books, keep them on your desk. Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML Don’t skim through this book, read it… cover to cover, and do every tutorial one at a time. The copy is terribly cheesy and the tutorials don’t have you building an entire site, but if you do each one in [...]

Getting Web Design Schooled


Designers have lots of different kinds of styles. Im not a designer who puts on headphones and is content to zone out over a photoshop doc for hours. I am one of those designers who thrives on constant human interaction and feeds off verbal bursts of passionate brainstorming. I LOVE people. I LOVE people who [...]

Choice Links for August


Pedestrian Type This typography blog forces you to take notice of ordinary lettering that you may realize upon further investigation, is actually pretty extraordinary. With information overload in our lives today I love a blog that allows me to examine art i may have otherwise overlooked and gives me the chance to appreciate it on [...]

#10 Choice Links for April


Lucha Libre Posters There is nothing that gets me more pumped about designing than some masked Mexican wrestlers running around in spandex. Just look at these poster designs, they are fantastic! If you are looking for intriguing visuals, fun uses of color, and some entertaining poster design just search “Lucha Libre Posters” on Flickr. Urge [...]

Connecting the Posts: Obama’s Use of Gotham


Last year at SXSW I got to see the world premiere of Gary Hustwit’s Documentary “Helvetica”. I was one of the first in line and amazingly stoked to not only see it, but be in the audience with David Carson. My Typeface fetish hit the big screen… at my web Designer’s Disney World. Recently I [...]