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Pedestrian Type Blog
Pedestrian Type

This typography blog forces you to take notice of ordinary lettering that you may realize upon further investigation, is actually pretty extraordinary. With information overload in our lives today I love a blog that allows me to examine art i may have otherwise overlooked and gives me the chance to appreciate it on a whole new level.

Avant Garde
The History of Avant Garde
Designed in the 60s, and released in 1970, Avant Garde is making quite the comeback these days. Maybe its my over exposure to Rockband (via Devklok) , but I see it popping up all over the place. Otherwise check out this site’s beautiful gradation of color over it’s four column layout. Fabulous.

Cat in Tank
Cat In a Military Tank
Shiiii….. now this is Bad Ass. I currently co-habitate with a cross-eyed Siamese cat who has the personality of Stewie from the Family Guy. She constantly plotting how she will take over the world, or just the apartment… this tank is so perfect. If you can, view the magnified image and check out the fantastic detail that someone put into this thing.

Vintage Magazine Cover
Vintage Magazine Covers

This fantastic flickr collection of vintage magazine covers is a wonderful source of inspiration. Exhibiting a wide range in styles from numerous time periods i felt like stumbling upon this collection was a real find.

Alicia Nicholas surf board
Beautiful Surf Board

Ok, if you don’t know by now, I have a bit of a thing for sweet surfboard art. NY artist painted this intricate black and white pattern on a surfboard for her boyfriend, and it is just stunning.

Photoshop Keyboard
Photoshop Shortcut Keyboard
I suck at keyboard shortcuts. Just about everyone i work with totally schools me on them… I like the mouse… or maybe I just need one of these skins for my keyboard.

My SXSW Typography Panel
Please go register and vote. Not because its my panel, and especially not because of this shameless plug… but because I hope to assemble the most badass group of motha-typographers out there and get them talking about type. Every year at SXSW I hope for some engaging Typography conversation, so this year I’m taking the initiative and try and make it happen. If you have 5 minutes please register and vote. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


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