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All You Need Is Love


I just wanted to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. Heart by Yulia Brodskaya

Back in the Blogging Saddle with some Choice Links


Beast Pieces Letterpress Blog Who doesn’t love some good letterpress? This blog features some great pieces from posters to business cards, a great source of inspiration.

Choice Links #13 End of Summer/Begining of Fall


  LetterCult I was looking up some info on Doyald Young for class when I stumbled upon this site for custom lettering. As you know from some of my previous posts, I love custom lettering, and even recently tried my hand at it (under a 4 hour deadline) for a Viget Flash Mob. I am [...]

Choice Links for August


Pedestrian Type This typography blog forces you to take notice of ordinary lettering that you may realize upon further investigation, is actually pretty extraordinary. With information overload in our lives today I love a blog that allows me to examine art i may have otherwise overlooked and gives me the chance to appreciate it on [...]

Choice Links #12 For This Month


Design Loom I really think the design of this site is very beautiful. The soft color, subtle texture, inviting shapes, and fantastic typography make me a fan. Launched recently, I can’t wait to see what this design blog has up it’s sleeve. Visual Complexity Recently my Action-Script addicted colleague Erik O, attended the Flashbelt(Oh yes.. [...]

#11 Choice Links For May


Hinge of Africa One of my closest friends from growing up is heading to Burkina Faso this week through the Peace Corps. While setting up her blog, a fellow designer recommended Hinge Of Africa via Twitter. A web designer who writes a fantastic blog, and a blogger who has been featured on the Sundance channel [...]