Choice Links #12 For This Month

Design Loom
Design Loom

I really think the design of this site is very beautiful. The soft color, subtle texture, inviting shapes, and fantastic typography make me a fan. Launched recently, I can’t wait to see what this design blog has up it’s sleeve.

Visual Complexity
Visual Complexity
Recently my Action-Script addicted colleague Erik O, attended the Flashbelt(Oh yes.. check out those ligatures) conference. Knowing I am a sucker for nice information design he sent me this fantastic site that is chalked full of example of online interactive information design.

You Work For Them

You Work For Them Freebies
You work for them has an excellent selection of design related goods, including books, fonts, posters, & vectors. If you check back once in a while they give away some free stuff… I think this one is particularly nice.

Etsy Figs
Figs on Etsy

While breezing through Richmond on my way back from the beach, I stopped at this great little artsy shop next door to my favorite sushi joint. They carry a lot of fantastic local art, including a fantastic handmade necklace that I HAD to have (not the one pictured above). Check out the artist’s work on her Etsy page.

Ripple Art Whino

Lohman’s Pics of Ripple at Art Whino, National Harbor
My friend Eric Lohman invited Jim & I to a great Surf/Skate exhibit happening at Art Whino, but unfortunaltey we were out of town. However Eric took great pictures that made me wish I would have blown off my plans to see the awesome surf art.

Upcoming Events:
Things that are happening in the near future that you should get out and do!