My Typography Inspiration Secret Spots

Surfers are constantly thinking about catching their next wave. A secret spot is when they find an awesome break that is hidden from the world….. where they can float amongst the waves, relax, be inspired, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the better known beaches. Just as surfers are looking for that wave, I am always looking for that typographic groove… that spot where all the elements come together in harmony to give a design that little extra something.

People look for inspiration all over the place; there are countless web galleries, flickr sets, lists, and design magazines, but when I really just want to get away from it all and find something different I turn to the surf community. Already known as a place for great design and fantastic photography, there is some really interesting typography being used. Here are some of my favorite spots…

I am a big fan of Jeff Canham‘s retro style. His t-shirts, fabric prints, logos, and signage throw me back to another time… a time that I am too young to have actually ever experienced…perhaps that is why it is such a warm and fancifulness feeling that I get inside.

The Work of Jeff Canham

Thomas Campbell is about to release his 3rd surf movie (The Present) in a series of films that take a unique approach to documenting surfing as a lifestyle. When watching Sprout its hard to not notice the carefully crafted handwriting all throughout the film. Check out the lettering in the trailer for a taste of what the movie is like.

Sprout, a surf movie by Thomas Campbell

With bookshelves full of surf magazines (Courtesy of Jim), its hard to ignore the fantastic type throughout every issue. While I love the clean classic layout of The Surfers Journal, Surfing Magazine has a wide range of really creative typography. Check out this flickr set I put together.

Surf Typograophy

Cippings of other Surf Typography Inspiration


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