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SoCal: Typography, Surfboards, & Recharging


I had never visited  the West Coast so earlier this year Jim and I decided that this  was the year to do it. The week before last I took my first real vacation  that didn’t involve parents, my job, or the internet.  Southern California seemed to be a solid bet for good weather and good [...]

My Typography Inspiration Secret Spots


Surfers are constantly thinking about catching their next wave. A secret spot is when they find an awesome break that is hidden from the world….. where they can float amongst the waves, relax, be inspired, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the better known beaches. Just as surfers are looking for that [...]

The Surf Art of Andy Davis


When in Virginia Beach Jim and I go to this fantastic little surf shop called Freedom Surf. A shop that embraces all the ideals of community that I value in a culture, they support local surfers and artists by carrying unique products and sponsoring events. Freedom Surf believes that surfing is more than just a [...]

The Surf Art Of Tyler Warren


Summer needs to hurry the heck up. For me it means weekend trips to the beach to join Jim surfing. Though it is cold outside that doesn’t deter him from hitting the waves or the web to search out the latest in the surfing community. I don’t surf. Not yet. But I do love the [...]