The Surf Art of Andy Davis

When in Virginia Beach Jim and I go to this fantastic little surf shop called Freedom Surf. A shop that embraces all the ideals of community that I value in a culture, they support local surfers and artists by carrying unique products and sponsoring events. Freedom Surf believes that surfing is more than just a summer activity, they promote it as a lifestyle and an experience. Though I don’t surf I still can become mesmerized for hours by the fantastic unique products they carry throughout their store. One of my favorite artists regularly featured is Andy Davis.

The Art of Andy Davis

Andy has a very distinct style with flat two dimensional figures elongated and contorted to fluidly mimic the motion of the ocean waves. His imagery is seductively playful using rich earth-tones accented by strokes that elegantly very to sketch out rich female figures. It all looks so effortless, capitalizing on the negative space around each fantastic sketch for emphasis. In a way his work encapsulates the art of surfing, making the incredibly difficult task of catching a wave look like anyone can do it.

Andy Davis

Andy has a clothing line called Ando and Friends that I suggest you check out here. Andy’s online presence is a pretty static one. But who can really blame him… I mean hes pretty busy with surfing and drawing. Here is an excerpt from his Bio:

If someone had invented a 25-hour day, Andy Davis might have had a website a year ago. But everyone has a choice to make. Andy’s is drawing, surfing, and spending time with his wife, Ashley, and their son, Noah. Much preferred options fora guy who admits he can barely send an email.


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