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Michael Aleo recently wrote a post that stirred up some feelings that I have about AIGA. That is that AIGA is an organization that claims to represent professional designers but doesn’t really accurately represent the current landscape of the design industry. Michael’s post details an e-mail conversation he had with a judge from the DC [...]

Letter Treasure


When I found out that I will be teaching two typography classes this summer at CDIA Boston University I got really excited and began to dive into some type research. In my intro to graphic design class I talk about the evolution of letters and we do a project that revolves around illuminated letters. Some [...]

Kitsch, The Perception of Beauty, & Web Design


Do you ever browse the web and find a hideous website featured in a web design gallery? I regularly ponder society’s perception of “Good Design” and what people consider beautiful, and it brings me back to my studies from college. If only I knew at the time that philosophy and postmodern minimalism would come back [...]

Rooms Inspired by Websites


Moving is a bitch, but the upside is picking out new home-furnishings and decorating. A few months ago I wrote a post on another blog about how bubble chairs helped to inspire a web design I worked on for a Scandinavian hotel Chain. As I have been scouring the internet for fun new home furnishings, [...]

My Posters & The Posters that Influenced Them


My bedrooms were always plastered with the most badass posters in College & High School. Sure some of them glowed when the black lights were turned on, but many were beautifully crafted pieces of art. Like many folks going into the design field, I had lofty dreams of being a hip gig poster designer with [...]

Gifts for Designers ‘08 Edition


Get the Designer in your life something they will LOVE. Uppercase Scarf Wallets made of Artsy Photographs by DB clay Univers & Helvetica Ts Beautiful Typography Calender (via heartfish) Pantone Bags, Mugs & Wallets Freitag Bags (via Doug Avery) Pillows with Typography Frank Chimero Inspirational Design Posters The Store has been down for a few [...]