#11 Choice Links For May

Hinge of Africa

Hinge of Africa
One of my closest friends from growing up is heading to Burkina Faso this week through the Peace Corps. While setting up her blog, a fellow designer recommended Hinge Of Africa via Twitter. A web designer who writes a fantastic blog, and a blogger who has been featured on the Sundance channel for her site about planning green weddings, I feel like I can really relate with this couple traveling all the way to Cameroon to teach computer literacy. This is a feed I am really looking forward to following.

Digital Vault

National Archives Digtial Archives
When I worked for the army, every once in a while they would send me out to the National Archives to find some photos. It is a fantastic facility with millions of photos, unfortunately over time, some get misplaced and others are very hard to find. This interactive experience is a tip of the ice burg… there should be some place online that attempts to catalog all of the amazing photography in our nations public domain. An entertaining and beautifully designed flash piece by Second Story, I find the overall user experience and method of navigation to be a little frustratingly.

Lipster and Cooler

Cooler & Lipster
I found Lipster via Cooler, both are female focused media outlets that have branded themselves without being overtly feminine. While I dig stuff targeted towards my gender, I am terribly turned off by anything branded to be that way (words like babes chicks and girls… yack!). Both are fresh, with great design and tons of personality that are relevant to what I am into. Lipster is a pop magazine for those who want to get the dirt with attitude, and Cooler is an awesome surf magazine.


I love the ampersand. Its a great typographical element that can jazz up just about any boring piece of text. A whole blog just about a symbol that stands for “and”. RAD.


An extreme time suck, I will go to this site and find myself horribly at odds on whether to continue laughing so hard that my FIJI water spurts out my nose, or finally get back to doing something productive ( like… blogging. snap). Favrd takes some of the wittiest comments from Twitter and serves them up here for your enjoyment.. brevity surely is the soul of wit.

I know I know, I am so delinquent this time. I vow to do better next time, and please forgive me for being 11 days late on this post… the great outdoors has been calling my name.


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