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Package Design: The Art Of Selling Water


This is a follow-up to my earlier guilty confession that I love to drink overly priced yuppy water. I can not stress that this is a personal struggle I have been dealing with for a long time. It is water. Seventy Percent of the earth is water. The stuff is literally falling from the sky [...]

Valentines Day Geekery “Wii Belong Together”


For Christmas I wanted a Wii. I constantly hinted it to Jim and tweeted about it every chance I had. I am actually not a big video game person… I never could beat super Mario Brothers and only loved Duck Hunt because the ducks made funny little expressions when I killed them. Last summer Jim [...]

Information Design: Web Trend Map 2008


An improvement to the classic Web Trend Map, IA in Japan has added a third dimension for extra flavor. I see some interesting additions this time around, including Swiss Miss and Ogilvy. What the map really says about either of them is pretty vague to me, but it is an interesting interpretation and stunning design. [...]

Evolving Design in Politics: The Brand of Obama


A while back I had a super-secret brief encounter with kind-of sort-of working on a presidential web campaign. While I can’t say much about the experience it made me realize how completely out of the loop politicians are on web, design, brand, and social media. That is all but Senator Barack Obama. This post is [...]

Vigorous; Thrive, Flourish, Be Active, Be Effective


Viget Labs is a web development and consulting firm who can boast a well known web app such as Squidoo in their projects section. They have four “labs”: strategic consulting, application development, online marketing, and interactive design. A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours in their very impressive Falls Church office, peaking [...]

Inspiration: The Only Ten I See


When I was in college I heard a lot of cheesy pick up lines, but I had one friend who was the king of them. He insisted the money line was “Excuse me are you from Tennessee? No? Well… you are the only Ten I see“. He really did use that line and it really [...]