Inspiration: The Only Ten I See

When I was in college I heard a lot of cheesy pick up lines, but I had one friend who was theTennessee Vacation king of them. He insisted the money line was “Excuse me are you from Tennessee? No? Well… you are the only Ten I see“. He really did use that line and it really did seem to work. A cheesy pick up line won’t catch my attention, but a bad-ass series of websites will.

Tennessee has Dollywood, the Bonnaroo music festival, Graceland, and obviously some bad-ass web designers. Thanks to the help of Rob Soulé I found the team responsible for these fantastic sites nestled right in the heart of Knoxville Tennessee at DesignSensory. Why import talent when you have it at home?

With exceptional attention to detail these sites creatively incorporate rich textures while keeping their information organized. Layering hand drawings, photographs, and patterns the designers have created rich experiences that compliment the content of the site without overpowering it. A clear hierarchy allows the user to easily navigate through the site to find what they need in a timely manner.Tennessee Education Crop

I especially like the fact that this is a series of sites. It is far more common that you find a series among print collateral such as posters, invitations, or banners. On the web it is much harder to pull off a series of websites without it feeling forced or disrupting the user experience. While many of these sites have been featured on CSS Design Galleries I have yet to find a place that really shows off all of them as a series. There is one site for each season, a site focused on education, and a site advertising vacationing in Tennessee. So I am going to post them here, please click on the image to launch the site and check them out.

Tennessee Winter

Tennessee Spring

Tennessee Summer

Tennessee Fall