Information Design: Web Trend Map 2008

I A Web Trend Map 2008

An improvement to the classic Web Trend Map, IA in Japan has added a third dimension for extra flavor. I see some interesting additions this time around, including Swiss Miss and Ogilvy. What the map really says about either of them is pretty vague to me, but it is an interesting interpretation and stunning design. Perhaps this will be my next poster to order.
Another version of the Map can be found in 2-d here…Web Trend Map

Since my interest in information design has seemed to blossom over the past year I created a new category so you can browse all of my past posts where it is featured.
Want a clarification to the practice of information design?

From Wikipedia

Information design has its origins as a subset of, or synonym for graphic design and it is often taught as part of graphic design courses. One of the first uses of the term was by the London graphic design consultancy Pentagram, who used the term in the 1970s to mean their graphic design, as distinct from product or other kinds of design. Since that time, the term has come to be used specifically for graphic design that has the purpose of displaying information effectively, rather than just attractively, or for the purpose of self expression by the designer as artist.

Recently IA Japan posted a response to Steve Clayton’s dissatisfaction with Microsoft’s placement on the map. Clayton boldly states:

Their recent Trend Map may have some delays on the line if the Yahoo deal goes through.

Along with a second blog post in response to Clayton’s statements, IA Japan included a revision to their map… which just made my day.


Information Design raising eyebrows, stirring up discussion, making people think and making people talk. Its beautiful when design can raise awareness to a certain topic.

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