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Discussing The Brand of a Browser


I attended a fantastic presentation by Steven Heller hosted by the Art Directors Club of Metro Washington DC on Friday night and he explained that Brand is a fetish… it is when people don’t just identify with something but embrace it. This concept fascinates me especially when it falls in the realm of an a-typical [...]

Rant: Web 2.0 Look? Lets Talk About “Good Design”


From Twitter: mringlein: my new years resolution is stop designing web 2.0 … i am all about the 2.5 this year. vintage wallpaper backgrounds and real life objects mringlein: gradients and reflections are out …. the masking tape and handwriting fonts are in baby! SamanthaToy: @mringlein was doing that stuff since forums were the [...]

No Typhoid on the Thule Trail


You can still press return to size up the situation , but dying of cholera is much less likely. One of your players may stay behind in Vegas with a cocktail waitress named Starla but no one is going to come down with a case of the measles. Covered wagon? Try a hybrid sedan with [...]

Response: Should Web Designers Know How to Code?


Martin Ringlein of n’clud recently wrote a post called “Should Web Designers Know How to Code?”: All designers must know the medium and canvas in which they design for. How can a sculptor sculpt without knowing the difference in stones? How can a painter paint without knowing the difference in brushes, paint or canvas? How [...]

Design(ing) Makes Me Happy


Being designer can sometimes be tiring. I will never say it sucks or that its a crappy job because that is just not true. It is a privilege to be a designer and in my opinion it is the best job in the whole world, but just like any other creative occupation sometimes you feel [...]

“When I grow up…”


Every morning I wake up, stumble over to my computer and sit down to digest my daily feeds. This morning I found a fantastic video on John Bell’s blog that I just have to pass on. I laughed so hard it hurt… I laughed so hard because some of it is so true. Who doesn’t [...]