No Typhoid on the Thule Trail

You can still press return to size up the situation , but dying of cholera is much less likely. One of your players may stay behind in Vegas with a cocktail waitress named Starla but no one is going to come down with a case of the measles. Covered wagon? Try a hybrid sedan with a Thule luggage rack. Want to hunt for a bear? Ford the river or take a ferry? No way… how about you enter a snowboarding competition outside of Boulder Colorado.

thule trail

The Oregon Trail is now the Thule Trail, an online computer game designed by Periscopic to support TDA’s Thule Road Trip advertising campaign. If you are not familiar with Thule they make car racks for anything from kayaks to snowboards. So the challenge here is… make someone want to take a road trip and do outdoorsy stuff… while they are sitting at home hovering over their computer.The Trail

The Oregon Trail was popular computer game in the mid to late 80s and rereleased in the early 90s. Asking around almost everyone in my age range (20s) has nearly shrieked with jubilation over the near mention of the game. This demographic would also be those who play extreme sports and have the cash to add a new bicycle rack on top of their SUV. Sprinkle in some post-college humor and relatable road trip scenarios and you have kick-ass rainy Sunday morning entertainment.

From Periscopic’s website:

Developed entirely in Flash, the game makes use of a set of sophisticated XML files to dynamically create a gaming experience that is new each time. Filled with numerous smaller games within the game, players travel over 2000 miles across the USA in search of wacky people, sketchy food and unexpected adventure.

Think you and four friends could spend seven days in a car together? You might want to give this a try first.

Hitch Hiker

I love the idea. A strong concept and humor really carries this design.

I have played the game now 4 times, and damnit… I can’t make it past Vegas. I will probably play it another 3 or 4 times. I am now blogging about it, I will probably e-mail about 5 friends with it.. oh and hell… I will add it to my delicious. BUT where will I compare scores with other competitors… where will I talk back? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could contribute your own personal random scenarios to the game?

This is where some would go on a “web 2.0 is a conversation” rant and ponder the sustainability of this 1.0 interactive marketing tactic on the social web. But I am not. Not because I don’t think it is relevant… its just that my time is better spent right now trying to figure out how to keep Keri from “sticking a small fruit candy up her nostril” around Des Moines and Jim from “rolling around wild flowers and wierding everyone out”. Excuse me I need to make it to the freaking Music Festival on the Thule Trail with a hybrid car-load of modern day slackers.

Want to share Scores? Funny random events from your trip? Feel free to take a screenshot and discuss this game here in the comments. I would love to get this going.

Thanks to Eric for passing this along.

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