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Connecting the Posts: Obama’s Use of Gotham


Last year at SXSW I got to see the world premiere of Gary Hustwit’s Documentary “Helvetica”. I was one of the first in line and amazingly stoked to not only see it, but be in the audience with David Carson. My Typeface fetish hit the big screen… at my web Designer’s Disney World. Recently I [...]

Evolving Design in Politics: The Brand of Obama


A while back I had a super-secret brief encounter with kind-of sort-of working on a presidential web campaign. While I can’t say much about the experience it made me realize how completely out of the loop politicians are on web, design, brand, and social media. That is all but Senator Barack Obama. This post is [...]

Brand: Once you go Mac…


I grew up on Macs. I am a member of an all Apple family and currently live in all Mac Household. My first Mac was a Quadra 605 and I have never owned any sort of Windows machine. My family still holds on to a Flower Power (still running) in our attic. In 2002 I [...]

Discussing The Brand of a Browser


I attended a fantastic presentation by Steven Heller hosted by the Art Directors Club of Metro Washington DC on Friday night and he explained that Brand is a fetish… it is when people don’t just identify with something but embrace it. This concept fascinates me especially when it falls in the realm of an a-typical [...]

No Typhoid on the Thule Trail


You can still press return to size up the situation , but dying of cholera is much less likely. One of your players may stay behind in Vegas with a cocktail waitress named Starla but no one is going to come down with a case of the measles. Covered wagon? Try a hybrid sedan with [...] a Network with Style Part 2 of 2


Brand encompasses so much more than just a logo, it involves the entire experience a user/consumer has with a product. has built a brand upon a foundation of engaging user-generated content that is beautifully complimented with unique motion graphics . The fantastic thing about web 2.0 is that it engages the user in a [...]