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BarcampDC Follow-up Topic: Emotional Design and the User Experience


While in the User Experience discussion my ongoing experience with my ex VW Beetle came up. Is the overall brand experience a part of the user experience? So this bridges the discussion at BarCampDC with a book I am reading (Interaction Design by Dan Saffer) with a convo I had with Cindy about her Beetle [...]

Do not Buy me an iPhone for My Birthday


I love Birthdays. I especially love my Birthday. Logically I know its just a little ridiculous to set aside a day to celebrate the unremarkable fact that I managed to dodge getting hit by a bus one more consecutive year, however the idea of one little day to pat myself on the back and say [...]

London 2012 Branding


Every 4 years the world gathers to celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and promote peace through competitive athletic competitions during the Olympic games. I barely raise an eyebrow. Its not that I don’t agree with or relate to values promoted in the Olympic spirit, I just have every little to relate to in the games [...]

Politics, Design, and Campaigning on the Web


Every March my friend Keith has a March Madness pool where we all bet on who is going to win what college basketball games. I know nothing about college basketball or sports, yet I consistently win. What is my secret? Rumor has it I bet on the teams that have the nicest design to win. [...]

Killing Brand Loyalists


Brand loyalty can carry a lot of weight when it comes to returning customers. I am hopelessly devoted to several major brands that have won my trust and heart with their fantastic design, products, and welcoming marketing tactics. Apple is an example. This loyalty goes tot eh extreme that I have never owned or even [...]