Do not Buy me an iPhone for My Birthday

I love Birthdays. I especially love my Birthday. Logically I know its just a little ridiculous to set aside a day to celebrate the unremarkable fact that I managed to dodge getting hit by a bus one more consecutive year, however the idea of one little day to pat myself on the back and say good job for making it, you deserve a drink, a cake, or… an iPhone.

Oh, damn… there it goes again, me thinking about my iPhone. Pesky little guy keeps coming up. The iPhone that I do not have and do not want for my birthday. Now don’t think this post is some sly way to hint to you that someone should get me one for my birthday. I am not (consciously) that type of person. If I wanted people to buy me something I would set up a registry at, or wherever the hell they let people set up “I Want” lists for some occasion much less monumental thanĀ  the birth of a child or a wedding.

When I found out Apple was coming out with the first all-in-one computer, the Bondi Blue iMac I was put on the waiting list to be one of the very first. When Volkswagen came out with the New Beetle I wanted to put my name on the list to be one of the very firsts… thought I had learned my lesson from the Bondi Blue iMac, and waited one whole year. Turned out that is still not enough time to have learned my lesson in Volkswagen years. Now there is the iPhone, too late to be one of the very firsts, but God help me from doing it again.

I pretty much think about running and buying an iPhone once every 15-20 minutes. Every news page and blog feed has some mention of it. I walk down the damn street and there is an ad for one on the back of a friggin’ magazine.

I dream of iPhones

Upon striking up a conversation with stranger over their iPhone, I commented “I just wish it had iChat”. The owner then flashed me the iPhone riddled with text messages and said ” I don’t know what iChat is, but look how it displays these little balloons”. Taken back I realized I was in the presence of a “PC Guy”. Just as the iPod brought Apple hardware to the the Dell infested world it now is allowing Microsoft users to peak at those who gingerly frolic freely in a beautiful world interfaced by Apple.

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