#1 Choice Links for July

I have decided to drop some commentary on the best of my del.icio.us links at the end of every month.

Swiss Miss
I am getting ready to move (again) and it always inspires me to revamp my luxurious renters lifestyle with some designy interior accessories. This is a great blog to find Swiss Inspired accents. I am completely in love with the sofa that converts into bunk beds.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs
Who is the fake Steve Jobs? If Steve had the time to to post blogs I’m sure they would have titles like “Suing me is like suing God”.

Love Me Shower Curtain
My new shower curtain. Always good to update this accessory frequently. Now don’t go out and buy one just like me, I want people to ask to use my bathroom and think about how witty and original I am as they P.

Tips on Design from the Sopranos
I just received news via wikipedia that i may have a third cousin who married someone who’s father could have been a mob boss back in the 1950s. True story. To commemorate my recent ties to “The Family” I give you an article where the mafia and Design meet.

Official Seal Generator
If you have ever done any design work for the government you are probably familiar with their love of seals (and overuse of gradients, stroke on text, and things that look metallic). If whatever you are trying to say isn’t compactly contained in a geometric shape surrounded by a branch from some all-American tree, it’s just not official.

Shannon Brooke Imagery
Dress me in cheetah print and call me Betty! Im a huge fan of pin- up art, burlesque, and retro photography. Shannon’s attitude makes me a huge fan.

Helvetica, the film coming to DC
If you are in DC get tickets. I know you have that one Veer shirt in your closet that spells out some inside typography joke that the rest of the world will never understand. This is your opportunity to wear that shirt and not have to explain what Kerning is.

You have questions, I have answers.

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