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Some people see the internet as a means to set up shop and make money. Other people post to MySpace and make friends they don’t know in an effort to become internet famous. Whichever you prefer, it doesn’t happen over night… or does it? My friend Keith posted this photo to Digg at roughly 10 am on Friday August 3rd. By midnight the image had 5,965 Diggs and had been viewed 173, 823 times.

iphone paperclip

The image is of a paper clip that was nicely packaged with an instructional insert and sent from Apple’s service department to Keith’s coworker, Matt for use with iPhone.

At about 3pmish Friday Matt listed the paper clip on e-bay. Some may see this as a ridiculous stunt to capitalize on Apple’s ironic packaging of a paperclip, and it is. As of midnight, the paperclip had racked up 31 dollars and more than a dozen funny-ass questions with awesome responses.
Some choice cuts:

Q: Is it available in other colours or sizes? I’ve been hearing a lot lately about a “paperclip shuffle”. Aug-03-07
A: Silver is the only color it is available in. However it will discolor under sustained use. The rumors of a clip shuffle are as made up as Al Gore. There is no such thing as Al Gore!

Q: Why would apple put clippy in a bag? Aug-03-07
A: Good question! A better question would be; why did Microsoft put him in office?

Q: Would you ship this item to the UK? We are currently experiencing a paper clip shortage. Thanks ;o) Aug-03-07
A: I’m sorry, under the latest NAFTA regulation it is unlawful to ship sensitive corporate technology out of the continental United States. But have you considered using a staple?

This super- geeky stunt has amused me, awarded Keith his 15 minutes of internet fame, and may prove to make Matt rich with 9 more days left on his-ebay auction. The internet can make dreams come true.

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