a Network with Style Part 2 of 2

Brand encompasses so much more than just a logo, it involves the entire experience a user/consumer has with a product. has built a brand upon a foundation of engaging user-generated content that is beautifully complimented with unique motion graphics .

The fantastic thing about web 2.0 is that it engages the user in a conversation or interaction. This trend has been closely associated with a design style that exploits specific visual elements such as diagonal striped backgrounds, reflections and, “ajax-enhanced” flowing motion. By adopting this web 2.0 “look” that is so closely associated with the web is making the bridge visually between web based interaction and broadcast television. Rather than just thinking of as a network the viewer subconsciously blurs the lines between the two media types making the cable TV station an extension of the web conversation.

According to’s logo was created by MetaDesign, a studio founded by Erik Spiekerman. Spiekerman is well known for his stunning sanserif typeface FF Meta which I had the lovely production experience of implementing in parking garages at my first design studio job out of college. You never forget your first big design project, even if it is just for a parking garage. Meta Design did all the branding for the Adobe Creative Suite which you also may be familiar with.

In an article on from 2005 Logan, a motion graphics studio was tasked with coming up with the initial “animated on-air toolkit including lower thirds, logo bumpers and 15 animated show packages, including logo design for each (pod)”. When Googling Logan I found a very simple site that showcased their portfolio and clients with very little explanation. I mean…who needs body copy when you have work like this?

Since their initial launch has continued to produce fantastic motion graphics through their in-house design team. has a strong, consistent brand that clearly communicates that they are about the innovation of user generated content on the web and on television. Even if you aren’t a fan of the format, Al Gore, or user-generated content, many designers can appreciate’s stunning graphics.

To view’s motion graphics reel click here or visit

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