#2 Choice Links for August

Twitter Blocks
I am fascinated by the concept of visualizing social media in a way that makes the interaction more interesting. Twitter Blocks takes this idea and applies it to my favorite form of social media… I can’t wait to see it develop as a stronger trend.

Vintage Ads
The golden age of advertising: when nothing said Marlboro better than a cute little baby.

Strange Maps
Rand McNalley has nothing on some of these Masterpieces.

Stripe Generator
Takes all the work and only some of the creativity out of a Web 2.0 cliché. A good tool to have in the tool-box.

Rhetoric and Poetics in Design
Dude…. this is deep. Brings me back to my days sitting in Seminar in Aesthetics at JMU.

Web Designer Wall
Kick-ass. I wish i had a bed comforter that looked like this background. Impressed by this guy’s Ninja Word-Press Skillz.

Scher Makes up with Helvetica?
What Paula was actually thinking when she picked Helvetica, we may never really know.

Nestlé Chocolate Museum
Chocolate and sexy design, enough to make a girl giddy.

The studio responsible for a lot of the early Current.tv graphics. They have done some stunning work since. You may recognize it.

Pandora Poster Contest
Super fresh poster contest entries


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