#10 Choice Links for April

Lucha Libre
Lucha Libre Posters
There is nothing that gets me more pumped about designing than some masked Mexican wrestlers running around in spandex. Just look at these poster designs, they are fantastic! If you are looking for intriguing visuals, fun uses of color, and some entertaining poster design just search “Lucha Libre Posters” on Flickr.

Urge the Boys Jewelery

Urge the Boys
I love the jewelry being sold on this site as much as I love the logo. The mix of vintage and modern is what really gets me exited about these pieces of art. Too bad it has to be shipped all the way from Australia, but perhaps that is what supplies all the fantastic inspiration.

Book By Its Cover
Book By Its Cover
An exquisit little blog that highlights interesting books and book illustration. I can just tab through here for hours, if not for ideas but for a little taste of nostalgia.

Cuban Poster Blog

Cuban Poster Art
This blog highlights some very interesting examples of cuban poster art. I really enjoy the variation in styles and background on history.

Sweet Napa

Sweet Napa
Chocolate is an art. This blog really is delicious. I am not sure how long it will last in my feed reader, because it temps the crap out of me, but a great find none the less. I found this via KV’s post

What you see here folks, is the first time I have ever been severely delinquent on a “Choice Links” post. I apologize, I am sure you all just sit waiting by the feed reader for me to drop some delicious links on you (not), but I feel the need to apologize… you see I have developed a severe case of ridiculous blog guilt. In an effort to reinforce “blog guilt” ‘s sheer ridiculousness I have made it a point to say “nice weather comes before the blog”… inspired by Chris Glass’s T-shirt pictured above. Now go on… get out of here… take a walk, ride your bike, or shred some on your longboard…. because you aren’t going to become a better designer rotting away in front of the internet on lovely days!

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